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Uzbekistan is known to possess murals and statuesque carving of subject-matter, as well as ornamental carving and painting, created in ancient times and early Renaissance. Beginning from the IX and X centuries special emphasis was given to the development of ornamental, flower-vegetal polychrome painting and carved work in relief. Gradually the principles of ornamental forms and compositions were elaborated, which were treated, by century-old practice and have reached our days.

The same principle of plane treatment of smooth arabesque patterns of vegetal and geometrical subject - islimi and girikh styles, which are peculiar to ganch carving, wood carving and painting - sway in painting on ganch in the XX century. Particular importance is also attached to the scale of ornamental forms - large and small patterns. Besides the traditional geometrical ornament much prominence is given to various nose-gays, flowers in pots, blooming shrubs, trees, and landscapes.

Ganch painting combines contrasting blue, green, yellow, red, pink, orange, white and black colours. In the past mineral and vegetal dyes were used in the making of colours, and achieving unique colour effects. Nowadays ready-made manufactured dyes are used.

Nakkoshi - masters of ornamental painting - frequently mastered the methods of architectural painting in ganch and wood simultaneously. The XIX century Bukhara nakkoshi were outstanding masters of mural painting.

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