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Gold Embroidery

The impression Uzbek embroidery produces would not be complete without the uncommon embroidery in gold. This art reached its heyday in Bukhara in the middle of the XIX century where talented masters embroidery the splendid attire of the Emir and his suite.

Embroidering in gold was generally performed by men, who handed the trade down to their sons.

Men's robes, turbans, skull-caps, shalvars (kind of pants) and footwear; women's clothes: gowns, robes - kaltacha, bands worn on the forehead - peshanaband, shawls, high-boots and slippers - such were the garments embroidered in gold and silver. Ornaments of the interior of palaces and horse-cloth were richly embroidered in gold interspersed with semi-precious stones and small metal domes - kubba.

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In the XIX century embroidering in gold reached highest perfection in composition of design and technique. The process of embroidery included making a design on kid-skin or cardboard, which was then cut out, attached to a fabric stretched on tambours, and embroidered in gold or silver. Each part of the design was embroidered with a particular stitch, over 30 of which were known; a definite way of covering was applied in the case of each design: complete zaminduzi, filling in a cut-out design on a free background gulduzi.

Dark-toned velvet - cherry, blue, lilac, brown and crimson - was also used for embroidery. The soft depth of velvet deepened the effect of embroidery in gold, and in contrast showed up the peculiarity of the complex delicate design in relief. Attending to the requirements of the most wealthy local gentry and nobility, embroidery in gold, as a field of art, bore the trait of solemnity and splendour, which not unfrequently turned into ornamental excess.

Nowadays embroidery in gold decorate articles of gala dress: smart skull-caps, women's sleeveless jackets, slippers, bags, spectacle cases, cushion covers, bindings for albums and decorative bed-spreads.

These articles are manufactured at the gold-embroidery clothes factory in Bukhara, where women have mastered the art of embroidery in gold. The factory also produce unique large-scale articles such as curtains for theatres and smart wall panels.

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