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Gourd vessels and snuff-boxes

Various gourd vessels, and other articles made of gourd for everyday use with original sign, are known to be made by many peoples the world over. Various articles of gourd are made in Uzbekistan as well, most popular of which are noskovok - snuff-boxes, which are made of gourds especially cultivated for the purpose.

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Uzbek snuff-boxes are diverse in shape, size and decoration. Their production is connected with a complex process of colouring, toning and polishing of design, ornamentation with precious metals and coloured stones. The artistic basis of an engraved border-stroke design, freely treated - make up the traditional frieze compositions in which reflected are fabulous, folklore images, and actual motifs: portrayals of human beings, animals, birds, plants, diverse domestic utensils. Nowadays airplanes and vehicles are also depicted.

Snuff-boxes setted with a silver design have an appearance of splendour. In no respect artistically inferior to them are gourd snuff-boxes, which are engraved, toned or glossy, though refined in shape and colour. The harmony of colours used decorating snuff-boxes - golden-blue, cherry-red and violet tones - is particularly pleasing to the eye.

In the making of snuff-boxes much care is paid to details: the cork-plug is commonly made in the shape of a magnificent tassel cut out of leather.

The original snuff-boxes made in the Samarkand Regions are famed. Small gourds of a special form are cultivated in the Samarkand Region.

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